Friday, September 15, 2006

New Clubs

I'm not a good golfer. I'm so bad that I don't keep score. I go with hubby once in a while, take about a million swings at the ball, hit it once in a while about 30 yards and walk to it. Getting a cart is a complete wasted of time for me, as I am NEVER in it -- except to sit down to wait for someone else to finish...

Until this weekend.

You see, last time hubby and I went golfing, it was a lot of fun -- but also frustrating... then I tried his clubs.

For those of you who don't know me in person, I'm about 5 foot 9 or 10 --- and well-endowed. In order to hit a golf ball with women's clubs, I had to reach around my well-endowedness to get to the club. For shorter clubs I had to either stand pretty close to the ball or hunch over... it didn't make for a good swing.

The thing about women's clubs is that they are shorter than men's clubs.... and that makes a difference when you are trying to swing a club around a pair of D-cups.

Last night we went to "Golf Galaxy" to get some clubs. They had a nice starter set there for me. Then we went to the driving range to try them out... I only outright missed a couple of balls and I only had a few terrible shots... the rest actually made some distance. Amazing.

We are going golfing today and I might talk hubby into going on Sunday as well (Saturday is FOOTBALL day around here, which actually would be a good time to go ----except watching the game is kind of fun in this state.).

This will probably be the last time I golf this year, as the clubs will live in Red State and hubby visits in most of October due to debate and his fall break.. The next time I'll be here, I'll have a van full of debaters with me.

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