Friday, September 29, 2006

Hubby's home...

A few days ago the evil airline's automated voice called me to tell me hubby's flight had been cancelled and he was re-booked on a 5 AM Friday flight. After I finished rudely telling the automated voice that this wouldn't due, I called a real person and asked her nicely if she could take care of this for me. It turns out that while we were talking the evil airline reinstated the flight and all was well.

So, Hubby made it home from Red State.

All is well in the household, I have someone else to give affection to my affection-hungry cats. By the way, aren't cats supposed to be aloof?... someone needs to tell my cats about that part of being a cat...

We'll do some errands today and do some work, I'll make homemade mac and cheese tonight for dinner and chicken parmesan tomorrow night -- hubby wanted some comfort foods and we both feel like hibernating. Last night we went out to dinner -

It is nice to have my Google home.

Next weekend is a debate tournament in Illinois, the next weekend hubby will be home for a whole week!!!

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