Friday, September 15, 2006

Red State is behind...

It is kind of funny, BN state is fairly progressive, along with being cold and snowy.

Red State is much more conservative -- but, still not too bad in THE CITY (there really is only one --- I don't consider grad school city an actual city).

Red State city will soon have an Apple Store. It has a new Whole Foods store, about which it is very excied, and it has most of the nice chain restaurants etc... that most places have.

It is also about 2 weeks behind in the weather.

In BN state, it has been kind of chilly and rainy. Yesterday in Red State it was in the low 80's.

Visting Red State when BN state is below zero will be nice, not exactly a tropical vacation -- but not the bone-chilling, ass-freezing cold of BN state, in January.

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timna said...

that whole foods store is awesome... it was right next to my hotel for a conference.