Monday, September 25, 2006

More debate thoughts...

Tonight I'll see 4 of the students I spent the weekend with -- and the other two who I hope will be jumping on the competition van in two weeks. We'll do a quick de-briefing and then one practice round. I want to be done by 7:30 or so... we are all tired and a little sick of being together. On the other hand, we are changing partnerships and everyone needs more work, so I can't just declare a night off.

I looked at some of our results from the weekend... and saw that every round we won was against 4-year schools, most of which are private, selective and expensive. Their debaters generally have high school debate experience and all the schools on the list have full-time coaches with communication studies degress and years of coaching and competitive experience. Our little team of no-experience kids beat them in front of some excellent judges. That makes me happy... very happy.

I also noticed that I didn't miss hubby this weekend as much as I thought I would... a few reasons for that.

1) There is no time to be sorry for myself and when I have a quiet moment I'm exhausted.. too tired to play the pity party.

2) I'm around people who know him, we talked about him and they know that I'm not some freaky late-30s single woman -- like I assume strangers see me as.

3) I was around a lot of old friends, and my new friends --i.e. my team. I was too busy in down times chatting with intelligent people I like to miss the intelligent conversations hubby and I have when we are together.

Every year, before debate season, I swear this one will be my last. Every year in late March I swear the next will be the last (as I'm usually committed at that point), but when I get into the new season I see why I do it... new debaters, same old friends -- debaters turned judges that are also my friends...

I think I'm going to need a 12-step program to quit -- "debate addicts anonymous" here I come.

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