Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grading Jail vent, logic...

How in the world can someone sit in my class for weeks and not get it and not say anything -- at all. Don't these bozos know the exam is coming? Can't they see that they are not getting the same answers in their homework that I'm putting on the board? Can't they look at their notes from when we did these f-ing problems in class and sort them out in practice?

For goodness sakes, there is no reason for some of this crap--- I gave them a reference sheet so they don't have to memorize the procedures and they still can't hack it.

If they withdraw, fine -- I want them to go, as it only gets worse.

Monday should be fun... if you hear an agonized scream about 2:15, it is because I've handed back their exams and they are freaking out. It is their own fault -- they didn't choose to come in during their optional days and none of them came to my 7:45 class's open sessions -- they could have come in to ask questions in office hours or before or after class -- I'm around and available, especially after class because I teach my next section in the same room 30 minutes later -- but they run out of class like there is free pot in the hallway.

Oh well, in the end, they'll all only be eligible for a C, so the final exam should be easy (I have a graduated exam system for logic, so if they can only get a C, they only have to do easier proofs...).

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