Sunday, September 17, 2006

There is no place like Red State

So -- last night we were watching Red State U play a highly ranked team.

Red State LOOOOOVEEEEESSSSSS its football program. I thought I knew how much before last night, but now I see another level.

All evening there had been severe weather across Red State. Severe Thunderstorm watches and tornado watches. That stuff just scrolled along the bottom of the Red State football game.

In a normal state, when the major metropolitan area is under a tornado WARNING (i.e. there is a tornado out there), they cut to the weather guy and away from regular programming.

Not in Red State -- no, they do a split screen, so they are showing the football game on the left side and the weather guy telling you to get into your basement on the right.

Since they were pretty much telling us that the tonados were aime at hubby's place, we took our computers and other stuff we didn't want to be blown away down into the basement..... no TV in the basement, but we did have a radio.

So -- we listened as they described the storm coming closer and closer -- and watched on the internet as it got closer to us...all along, the announcer -- between reports of the funnel clouds, was giving updates from the game.

In the end, the tornados didn't touch down, we didn't get blown away and the Red State team lost -- boo hoo... oh well.

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