Saturday, September 02, 2006

Celebration Quest...

After our trip to the State Fair, we decided that hubby deserved a new toy -- as yesterday he got his first TWO paychecks from his new school.. (don't ask me why two... the money is nice, don't ask why).

For the first time since getting out of the Air Force in 2001 hubby is making a good salary. I was happy to be the primary earner in our family, as he'd done it for many prior years, and I'm equally happy to have us make nearly the same amount after taxes... so I agreed that a celebration was in order.

I got Apple Care for my PowerPook... (which, by the way doesn't count... really) and we decided that hubby should have a new PDA...

Have you been shopping for them lately? It turned into a 'quest'.

Hubby and I occasionally take shopping to be a competitive event.... us against the retail establishment.

We've been known to pick a relatively obscure item and HAVE to find it.

We went to two Best Buys, two Office Max stores and two Franklin Covey stores before we found the right PDA, for the right price, with a credible display, decent set of accesories and someone to explain the details to hubby....

we found those people at Franklin Covey.. so, now hubby has a spiffy new PDA and I have some ideas about what my new thing will be as well :).

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