Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big Block of Cheese Day, #7

One of my favorite TV shows, ever, is the West Wing.

They did a couple of shows about, "big block of cheese day" -- the day where the West Wing opens it's appointment calendar to people who wouldn't otherwise get an appointment.

My first day at BNCC, I described this weird new thing I'll call Super Student Day to hubby, who dubbed it Big Block of Cheese Day -- SSD is a day when all day classes are cancelled and the faculty gives presentations about ways students can develop successful habits, opportunities for success etc.. at the college. Some students call it "Students Sleep in Day", and sleep in, but the parking lot was actually fairly full today.

Usually I pass an appointment sheet around in class and about 20 students make appointments to come see me, about 20 show up, only 10 of whom have appointments :). It is kind of like a whole day of office hours. The faculty are relaxed and we spend some time chatting in the hall. Generally, it is a nice day for us ---

I spent this SSD doing debate stuff. Super Dean (i.e. my Dean) organizes SSD and a while back she asked me to have a demonstration debate on a topic of interest to students. This time she asked me if I'd like to have a table to do some recruitment. In a moment of weakness I said I'd do it. I don't think I'll do it again.

The thing about debate at these kinds of events is that I'm not going to attract the kind of debater I want on the team with casual contact. Debate requires a lot of dedication, effort and time. Someone dropping by my table to snag some candy or a certificate to use for extra-credit... so, it was a waste of my time.

In the afternoon my four least experienced debaters, Sunshine, LG, Dude and Golfer, did a public debate on legalizing prostitution. They did a wonderful job. They were smart, funny, articulate, compassionate and persuasive. They spoke well and represented the debate program well.

It was different from other SSDs, but it was good.


Arbitrista (formerly Publius) said...

Yeah, I love the West Wing too. I've been collecting the DVD's as quickly as I can afford them.

I'm amazed that those students actually show up, though. I think in 5 years of office hours I had like 10 students come to see me.

Melissa said...

Okay, you either work at the college I'm attending or more than one BNCC has these event days.

If the former, I didn't even realize my college had a debate team. Let's see if we can figure out if it's the same college without giving away anonymity....

Is your college currently building onto the main building next to the physical education building?? Does its name combine the name of the city it's in and a landform??


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Nope Melissa, you don't attend BNCC.... although we've been told that other CCs have started doing these days due to us... that my be inflated ego ).

No, BNCC is named after the road it is on...