Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blog character's Halloween costume meme

Found at Dr. Crazy's...
the meme is:
" If I were designing a [my blog title/pseud here] Halloween costume, it would consist of..."

I've never really considered what a worker in the philosophy factory would look like... but I'll work her from the top to the bottom...

Hair: Einstein-like crazy hair wig -- probably a bit gray, and totally out of control.
Glasses: smallish, and sliding down her nose, so she can give offending students 'the look'
Top: black sweater, chalk dust on the butt-- over a bright colored top... comfort over style for this woman.
Pants: standard black teaching pants, of which she has many pairs
shoes: birkenstocks, of course -- since Halloween is in the fall, and it gets cold up here, they will be her winter birks, not the sandals.

Watch -- timex with a black band, takes a licking and keeps on ticking, you know...
Teaching: a huge pile of books and a disorganized pile of paper.
Researching: a computer bag stuffed to the brim with books and articles
no make-up, ever for this woman ----

Pets: several cats, none of which actually likes her -- so they are proper cats.

The key to the costume is putting on a distracted air... as if she's always being interrupted in the middle of a good, long think.

I tag -- whomever wants to... I'm not into coercion.

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