Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Wall

Bardiac: discusses The Wall here. I think it is ia pretty apt description of what happens at the end of the semester.

We all get tired and those of us with just a little power and/or common sense make some 'adjustments' to the course. Mine was to move to a take-home final exam in my ethics course. It was going to be a multiple choice exam on presentation topics. Now it is an essay exam that has short answers and one essay question.

I did this so I could take off for Red State with hubby on the Wednesday of finals week and not have to hang around on that day to give a final at 4:00 -- also, because I just couldn't face writing the darned exam. I pretty much have the time, but not the willpwoer.

I'm also planning to shorten the logic final exam -- but, this is more because it took my students last semester a long time to finish and this semester they are slower than the last, I don't think it is a 'wall' issue...

Now, if it could all be over.... please!


Dolores said...

Prof, what day does your semester end? Over here it is about to finish, and we are debating the difference between the quarter system and the semester system. Advantages and disadvantages of each. Also the meaning.
I'll be happy when this bad year finishes too! Happy and hip!!

Seeking Solace said...

I hear ya! I am reworking my exams too. I am thinking about an oral exam in my Employment Law class.