Wednesday, December 13, 2006

JFTFD (just follow the F___ing directions)

Why, oh why, is it so difficult to follow simple directions.

I don't see what is complicted about "your take-home exam is due at 11:00 AM on Wednesday" -- or, "do 2 of the 3 problems".

When you show up, burst into the middle of my final exam and the first thing out of your mouth is "I couldn't find your office -- here is my take-home exam", when I tell you it is late and won't count for many points, if anything, saying "F-CK, where did it say that" -- to which I responded by circling it both on your exam and the finals week schedule I distributed -- and you give me the stink-eye... you can assume, that didn't help your case with me one bit.

Or, like another student who somehow thought that final exam time was the week that we do things differently concerning the
"Access Center" (students with disabilites office) -- and that you could just show up in class and take your exam down there.... come on, the Access Center guy is consistent if he isn't anything else (which he is... great, wonderful and respectful guy who has helped many students achieve... by the way).

At least the student who came into the middle of my exam on Monday, thinking her exam was that day and time, came on time and on the right day.... and some of the ones I'd been cheering for did the work and got the Logic grades they wanted.

Now... I'm off to grade and turn-in a book review (gets me some cash if they have it by Friday... YEA!).

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