Monday, December 18, 2006

nor will whining

Another e-mail from the homophobic ethics student..

This time she tells me a sob story, and that she didn't have time to put the extra arguments into her paper.

She had an extra 24 hours and the time to make other changes... hmm.

She also took my whispering about the drop-dead deadline as an indication that she was getting some kind of super-secret extension without penalty. No, you stupid woman -- I was respecting your privacy, it is nobody else's business that you'd need extra time.

The truth comes out at the end of the message -- This is my first C... waaa waaa waaa.

She is lucky it isn't her first F.

I'm done with her. I'm also done giving any kind of extensions or making exceptions to my attendance policy.

I hope she learns from this C more than she learned from my class.

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