Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Long-distance semester, by the numbers...

13 trips to or from Red State (between the two of us).

6 hours from here to Red State (if he drives).

5.25 hours from here to Red State (if I drive).

43 minutes in the air on monopoly air, otherwise it varies a lot.

2 x an airline tried to strand me in some strange city.

2 places I have dirty laundry.

2 more teaching days until hubby comes home.

2 more days I'll wake-up without hubby until January 12.

1 wedding anniversary celebrated in Red State

1 birthday coming up (mine :) ) -- we'll celebrate in BN state...

Countless phone calls, for things big or little (last night I called back to tell him a joke..)

Countless dollars saved by our cell-phones having free long-distance.

1 comment:

DRD said...

Best part is the "2 more teaching days until Husband comes home." I have 2 more school days until I get to pack up and go home at the end of the week.

I've often thought "I couldn't do this without the free long distance." Seriously, how did people do this even several years ago? When you had to think about the cost before calling to tell a joke?

Congrats for getting through the first term!