Friday, December 08, 2006

Special message to HIM

I know you and some of your buddies read sometimes.... so maybe this will get to you out there in Red State.

You were just plain mean to her. You put her in the situation where there is no hope and nothing she can do to try to save the relationship. That sucks, and I hope you know it. I saw a while back that you were the worst kind of jerk -- the kind that looks like a good-guy on the surface, but is really unforgiving and nasty underneath.

She trusted you, she confided in you, she believed in you. She supported you, she tolerated your BS and she encouraged you to be your better self. You weren't man enough to handle it.

So -- go ahead and be the fun party guy. Hang out, smoke and drink with your 'friends'. Cheer at Red State football games and lead your party-boy life. Don't challenge yourself, don't achieve your dreams or live up to your potential.. and, heaven forbid you should grow up enough to deserve a girl like her.

She's such a fundamentally decent person, she was worried about how you are going to get home to BN state for Christmas. She thought that, perhaps you could ride with hubby and me... we'll be making a couple of trips that might be on the right time table for you.

I'm pretty sure I'm not nearly as good a person as she is, as I told her that you'd need to learn some hard lessons. Perhaps spending a lonely Christmas because you can't handle your money will show you what you've sacrificed.

In the future, I see her with a nice, smart and well-educated person. You --- you'll be with the party-girl you deserve. Your Ex will be happy, you and your party-girl will make eachother nuts until one of you calls it quits. I do hope, for your sake, that you eventually grow up and see what you lost -- but I doubt it will happen.

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