Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To Ms. Mad about the Final...

Dear Ms. Mad about the Final,

Starting the conversation with "I don't want to talk to you about the final" isn't exactly productive. Shooting dagars at me when I asked questions like, "did you come to the optional days?", "did you see the tutor", and "why didn't you come to me as soon as you had problems" wasn't goint to concince me to give you the C you seem to think you deserve.

It is also the fact that I told you what would be on the exam. With your grades, the total number of possible problems was limited to about 60.... You had about 6 weeks to learn how to do them. That is only 10 problems to master per week.

I'm sorry you didn't choose to come to the optional days -- but, I think that failing two quizzes and not understanding what was going on in class would be enough to get you out of bed for the 7:45 classes that weren't really optional for you.

Additionally, the answers for the exam problems have been available to you on my office door for about a month.

I ment it when I said I was sorry about how your final turned out. What I was really sorry about is the fact that you weren't mature enough to see you had a problem and do something to rectify it. I suppose that is what you are in college to learn.

I should also tell you that telling me I was "lucky" you showed up for class on required days indicates a lot about you. Clearly, you think you were blessing me with your presence and that you weren't doing the homework or making an honest effort at understanding.

I guess you'll bless me with your presence next spring or summer. You'd better get into the spring class, as the summer class meets in the morning -- and that 'isn't a good time of day' for you.

Take care and have a good break --- after our conversation I'll take a little bit of glee in putting your grade in the computer... sorry, but you deserve it.

your logic prof

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Seeking Solace said...

God! The nerve of some students! I would have NEVER talked to a professor that way!