Sunday, December 31, 2006


Odd... they say that where you spend New Year's Eve indicates something about how you'll spend the following year.

A year ago today, Hubby and I were on an airplane.

boy -- did that turn out to be right.

We were taking a couple of good debaters (and neat people..) to a tournament in California. We flew out on New Year's eve and were supposed to be in LA by 10:00 PM their time. Of course, that didn't happen and we technically spent midnight in several time zones as we flew west. We landed in LA about 2 AM, made it to the hotel by 3 AM and collapsed.

We spent New Year's day introducing D1 and D2 to the Pacific Ocean.... which they declared 'salty'.... (with a tone of surprise in their voices). They also decided that palm trees are "creepy" and then that those creepy things didn't exist. The tournament itself was good for them -- they performed well, in spite of record rainfall for LA in January.

Little did I know that in 2006 hubby would be moving to Red State and that I'd be much more familiar with both airplanes and the Corn state than ever before.

Hubby and I are spending New Years Eve 2006 in snowy Red State -- tonight he'll pack and I'll go out for take-out at one of our favorite places. We don't do the 'go out and party on New Years' thing -- we don't find it fun or relaxing and we both tend to hate people and drunk people more than the normal person.... so New Year's Eve is a good time to retreat to our cave, eat some good food and watch a video of 7.

We will spend New Years day traveling to desert state. I doubt thast 2007 will find us in desert state often, but I'm sure that it will find us travelling quite a bit -- as it looks like hubby will probably have a job and house-sitting here next year.

By this time next year, I want to be furiously writing the final chapter of my dissertation so I can hand it all in, in person to my grad school. I would also like to be getting an offer to teach in Red State -- and be looking for a cute little condo we could afford with two professor's salaries, minus student loan debt.

So -- tell me, how are you celebrating (or, how did you celebrate if you are cooler than I am and going out to party..)?

Also -- tell me what you want to have accomplished by this time next year?


Addy N. said...

We are not very exciting on New Year's Eve around here. My husband doesn't drink and we don't go out much anyway- our usual tradition is to play Scrabble! Happy New Year to you!

Christopias Spritopher said...

I went to a party with our friends from Church. What? You're suprised? I went to Concordia. Don't worry, we consider a 'party' any gathering of people not related by blood that occurs outside of church and includes snacks. Hope to see you when you're in the desert.

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