Thursday, December 21, 2006

The way to be snowed in...

This morning it was raining hard and about 33 degrees. If it were just a bit colder, we'd have snow up to our backsides... as it is, it turned to freezing rain and then snow about 1:00.

i was lucky, I was on the way home from finishing Christmas shopping, the grocery store and the pet foods store.

I'm ready to be snowed in.

Outside my apartment it is snowing and there is ice on the tree. Inside my apartment, Hubby is home, I have a Christmas tree to decorate, cats to cuddle with and yummy comfort food to eat and good books to read. The electricity, cable and internet work well, as does the phone.

let it snow.... The First Snow does more than cover the nasty brown grass. It provides a fresh clean start for a new season. I suppose I also like winter because all the stuff I'm allergic to freezes and I have the use of my nose again :).

I think it was Garrison Keilor who said that the reason Midwesterners love winter is that it relieves us of the pressure to go out and DO things. When the weather is good, we feel we should be outside getting things accomplished. When it snows, we know we really can't do anyting and we give ourselves permission to relax. Now, with a full fridge and all of us cozy at home, we can relax. In fact, I think I'll go take a nap to celebrate the first snow and the first day of winter.

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Christopias Spritopher said...

I miss snow as much as I miss stiffling laughter while Michellin Massey talked about being a black man.