Friday, December 08, 2006

I hate Parvity...

So, as part of my birthday-o-sloth -- or, at least as part of my relaxing birthday... I'm watching the TIVOd Survivor from last week.

They are at the point where their family member visiting is a reward. The winner has the chance to send someone to 'exile island'. There is a lazy little girl named "Parvity" who won this time. She hates a guy named Johnathan -- mostly because he's pointed out how worthless she is...

The ONLY survivor with a spouse who came to see them was Johnathan. And, you guessed it -- Parvity sent Johnathan to exile island, just to deny him any chance of spending time with his wife.

She sucks, she's a lazy, stupid twit -- and she's mean. I want her off of the island... NOW.

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