Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Debate plans...

Last week I made our airline reservations for San Diego in February. We have an extra day before the tournament, just in case ;) -- in case we need to aclimate or something.... really. I used to be opposed to this, until the last time we went to this tournament and flew in on Friday evening to debate on Saturday morning. Trouble was that we didn't actually end up getting to the hotel until very late on Friday evening and had to leave that hotel before 7 AM on Saturday. This time, we'll have an extra day to get used to the time change and stuff -- and, the warm weather, vist the beach and all kinds of other fun things.

Today I tried to make hotel reservations in San Diego. I also spent 30 minutes making reservations for 4 rooms at the Super 8 in the middle of Red State. Talk about two different locations... wow.

I'm pretty sure my debaters will have some culture shock. Their schedule goes like this:

mid-January -- fly to Colorado, play in the mountains that afternoon, debate all weekend and come home on MLK day (Monday)
following Thursday -- leave for Red State (probably fly... we'll see for sure, but we need to get back for class).
weekend off
First week of February -- fly to San Diego, play in the ocen, debate one exhausting tournament, fly home on Monday.
weekend off
Third weekend in February -- drive to Chicago for a tournament.
weekend off

So -- they'll debate in the Rockey Mountains, by the Pacific ocean, in the plains and in the largest midwest city... within just over a month... and I'll go with them.

I think hubby will have to come home on the weekends off, because I'll be in no shape to go to Red State....


Addy N. said...

That's quite a travel schedule! One comment- I think your debaters will be REALLY shocked if they try to play in the ocean in San Diego in February! It's usually COLD (by SoCal standards), gloomy, and rainy in February! Have fun, though- it's a great town. ;)

comebacknikki said...

That's one crazy schedule! Unfortunately, you're going to be in Chicago in Feb, which is one of the worst months of the year here... it's still freezing cold and everything is dirty and nasty from the long winter. Of course, this is coming from a Midwesterner who is definitely a weather-pessimist (4 years in WI will do that to a person). :)

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

We are in BN state, where everything is dirty from winter until April... we get that part of it. We'll still have fun, maybe go downtown for a bit after the tournament ends on Saturday. They should see that, at least.