Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dreams about money...

So, the other night I had a dream that BNCC sent me a check for a very nice sum --

The dream was so realistic that I could see the exact figure (over $3,0000) and I seemed to know why I was getting this check... except, that the program doesn't exist. I was so convinced of its existence that I got up and searched on the BNCC website for the program and got nothing.

So -- what does this mean? I'd guess that dreams about getting money aren't premonitions.... but, it would be nice.

Heck, it would be nice if they'd pay me for the summer project I did... it seems we are the first to actually complete one of these projects and the form to report the completion of said projects hasn't been developed yet. So, our project leader made his own form and submitted it. Of course, since it needs to go to BN state first, it could be next summer before I get my money.

1 comment:

timna said...

our summer project funds are apparently coming through yet in Dec!

except, of course, the ones that I haven't done the paperwork for.

I like the dream, though.