Friday, December 15, 2006

Some delicious irony for you.. or signs of a new wave feminist??

Today I met with a wonderful philosopher who is also a feminist thinker. She was kind, thoughtful and supportive. It was kind of like talking one of my blog buddies :).

She gave me some good resources on feminist philosophy and feminist epistemology. I'm really excited to get started with them.

So -- when I returned to the good city in Red State (as opposed to the university 'city'), I hit the library and found all the books she recommended.

Then, like a good wife, I went to the grocery store for food for dinner. Of course, I paid for it with money I earned from working a job where men and women start with equal salaries... so I suppose that was feminist enough for the moment.

Tonight I'm going to cook dinner and be disciplined enough to grade the last set of essay exams so I can enter grades.

Tomorrow, I'm going to reward myself by diving into feminist philosophy... and I'm going to do laundry.


Is this what post-feminism or new wave feminisim is about? Challenging ourselves and others while still doing the traditional stuff?

I'll let you know how it is going... if you are really interested I'll give you my reading list :).

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Kate said...

Looking forward to hearing more as you make your way through those books :).