Thursday, July 20, 2006

TV -- hubby's addicted to...

Last night I got hubby addicted to "Project Runway". I was watching, he was surfing the net or something and suddenly he's making prediction about who would win etc...

ha ha ----

last year he asked me how someone as smart as me could watch something so brainless... this year he's watching with me.

Also -- last night we spent a pretty large amount of money (for us... at least) on teaching clothes for hubby. He's going to look every bit like the young professor -- he now has plenty of khakis, dress shirts, ties, jackets and a good pair of comfortable shoes to start the year. He won't have comments like "he always wears the same clothes to school"*

I'm a bit sad that his first week of teaching will be in flat state and I can't be there. I'd love to be able to rub his feet and cook him comfort food -- I know how exhausting it can be.

* Funny/strange story: I taught one summer session at a snooty private school. The same sesssion I was teaching at 8:00, the adjunct teaching at 10:00 wore the same yellow pants and yellow shirt every day. My students' friends started to notice in the first week and they clued me in the second week. From then on, it became kind of a mean game to see what the poor guy was wearing... usually we'd take our break after he came in and a member of the class would see him and report back... without fail, he wore the same yellow pants and yellow shirt every day of the entire summer session.

I'm sure there was laundry involved at some points in the semester -- and I kind of felt bad because I know how little adjuncts get paid and that it is possible he could only afford one pair of quasi-dressy pants and shirt... on the other hand, he's a more or less standard size and goodwill has some decent alternatives for almost nothing.

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