Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hubby's move --

Hubby figured out yesterday that we'd be leaving in two weeks. Somehow it hit him hard when he realized he'd be leaving the cats at home with me. The blind one is really attached to hubby this summer -- so it will be hard on both cat and hubby. Also, my cats aren't exactly good at IM and talking on the phone --so staying connected is more of a challenge

To make him feel a little better we booked his first airline ticket home today for Labor Day weekend. He can be home by 5:30 on Thursday and not have to leave until 6:40 on Monday night... a nice long weekend for us. We've already made plans to go to the state fair on that Friday to eat food on a stick and visit the political booths (yea, we're nerds -- we go to the state fair for the politics, so sue me).

I also figured out that, on a normal week I can be in Omaha by about 5:30 on Thursday and not have to leave until Monday mornings at 7:00.... sure, a 7:00 AM flight more or less sucks and turns my Mondays into marathons (out the door by 5 AM, fly, teach two sections, coach debate at night until about 10PM) -- but, it gives me three full days with my sweetie -- so it will be worth it.


T-Mac said...

You have a blind cat?! Awesome. Seriously, awesome. Tell him to hang in there about the move, it'll be ok.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I'm sure hubby will adjust, especially once school starts and he gets to start teaching.... he'll be a natural in the classroom.

The blind cat, on the other hand, may not adjust as well. He has really bad cateracts and can only see vague shadows at most. He also has a bit of cognitive disfunction, so he gets freaked out and we have to clam him down... you know for sure when he's freaked because his meow is loud--

meno said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Although i wasn't too excited at the prospect of more wee beasties appearing in my flour. Ewwww.

It is cool that you have a blind (almost) cat. I have three feline critters and am a bit of a fool about them.

You may have this in another post, but i haven't yet read through all the archives as yet, so, for how long is hubby gone?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Hubby will be teaching at least next year about a 6 hour drive away... the year(s) after that are kind of up in the air, but less so than in the typical situation--