Sunday, July 23, 2006

Coffee shop rambles

from yesterday...

Hubby is too distracting (in a good way… but still) so I had to come to the local chain coffee shop to get some work done. No – it isn’t the S chain… a quasi-local chain, Cariboo coffee. Good coffee, decent tables and the staff is decent… but, they make you pay for the wireless – so I’m safe from internet surfing temptation.

As usual, when I’m out in public and in the same place for a while, someone starts to annoy me… this time it is a woman with her older parents. Clearly, she thinks she’s hip and stylish – but, she isn’t. Black pinstripe pants and an ugly turquoise print shirt simply isn’t stylish. Really. Her hair is decent for the mid-90s, but the caked-on make-up isn’t really the look – she looks like a before for “what not to wear”. I’m certainly no fashion plate, but it is also clear from the way I’m dressing and acting that I don’t think I am either. What gets to me is when people think they are something they aren’t.

She’s also stupid. Sorry, but there is no other way to say it. She’s said more obnoxious things to her elderly parents than I care to recount. From giving them a hard time about what they ate for lunch to mocking them because they don’t know a latte from a frappachino. Come one, they are in their eighties – give them a break --- they were old when coffee got complicated.

The object of my irritation also said stuff that is racist, sexist and heightist. She actually said that she’s glad her daughter isn’t tall enough to make the good soccer team because she doesn’t like tall girls.. huh? So, if her daughter hits 5’9 she’s going to not be her favorite any more? Wow… at least the daughter wasn’t there.

So – I’ve finished my homework for my meeting on Monday (a writing assessment project that is pretty interesting..) –now, I’m going to read at least one and no more than three philosophy articles on the topic of my dissertation before going to the swanky grocery store on the way home for some inspiration for a healthy dinner.

Also – for old cat lovers out there – if you have one with a really delicate stomach and/or some bad teeth, baby food in meat flavors is a good alternative to canned cat food. My eldest kitty (Heroin Kitty to my debaters) loves any meat flavored baby food, when she barely touched canned cat food. She also doesn’t puke it up, which is a bonus – AND the multi-toed wonder that is my youngest cat doesn’t have the connection made between the pop of a baby food jar and yummy food on the floor of the kitchen, so he lets her eat in peace – double score.

and.. for the cat people -- do you notice your cats making a high-pitched humming noise in their sleep? One of my boy kitties did this loud enough for me to hear abt least 5 feet away.

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Seeking Solace said...

Egad. It would take all the strength in the world for me not to say something! What a little snot!