Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today I play...

The plan for today is to play some golf this morning and maybe (secret plan here..) get hubby to go to a restaurant I know he'll like but is out of our way...

Golf and I have an odd relationship. I don't like it because it is expensive and I'm not very good at it. I like the exercise and the walk in a grassy space. Since I refuse to keep score, I'm ok with hubby being compeitive... but, since we don't do it often it is an amusing distraction and a good thing to do once or twice in the summer when we are feeling like slugs.

The restaurant is pretty cool -- a pal of mine told me about it and I took Mom there a few weeks ago. Really good food and an amazing patio -- shady overlooking the river and the lift bridge. By the time we are done with golf (we play slooow) and get all the way up there we could miss part of the lunch rush and get a seat on the deck... it is cool even when it is kind of hot (for here... high in the 90s).

I think this afternoon I'll do laundry and watch a movie or something. I'm also working on reading "Class Action" (the story the moive "North Country" is based on. I find that whole Eveleth mine thing pretty stunning, as those women were being severely sexually harrassed while I was in high school and college in the cities a couple of hundred miles away. It is just astonishing to me... and I believe every word.

Also -- a Debater/blog pal is in Duluth this week -- I found out via her blog. It is cool to see someone else experience the area for the first time.


T-Mac said...
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T-Mac said...

If regular golf is too expensive, try disc/frisbee golf--it's awesome and only costs you 15 bucks for a disc. Have fun reading that (awesome) book and going to that restaurant! :-)

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