Monday, July 17, 2006

Play update

LTF made fish taccos --- and a really yummy corn cassarole. For dessert we had ice cream with warm blueberry sauce... double yummy.

Stalker girl was a bit more normal, although still odd and pretty quiet. She has two wonderful cats which provided some conversation prompts. One is a very friendly spazz of a male cat, an orange tabby -- the other a nice but aloof calicoish female. Neither seemed outright demented, which is a good sign for stalker girl.

After dinner we played Clue, Mille Bourne and Catopoly (a cat Monopoly game). LTF won Clue in a fast kill, I won the last two... beating Stalker girl in the end when hubby had to go to my highly developed property.

I found out that Stalker girl loooooves Lord of the Rings and Battlestar Gallactica --- not really my favorites, but hubby likes them so I've seen them as well.

In the end, I'd go again -- it was fun and not nearly as akward/creepy as it could have been. I also see how she might get the wrong idea about LTF -- for a girl as shy as she is, how he interacts with her could easily be seen by her as flirting. Also, he tends to respond when she gets brave enough to call and propose an activity... which means that he's showing some interest as well.

I'm going to have to talk to LTF about her -- as he could do worse than to end up with her... The real danger is that if he's not very careful he'll end up breaking her heart, which is something I'm sure he wouldn't want to do.

I've known LTF for 11 years and more than a few dysfunctional girlfriends. At least Stalker girl isn't bitchy like the one he pretty much had to move to break up with -- she didn't approve of him spending ANY time with me and hubby... probably because she knew we didn't like her and often pointed out that she and LTF weren't a good fit. She also isn't dysfunctional like the beautiful but f-ed up girls he dated before he dated the bitch.

It is time for bed -- tomorrow I have a meeting in the afternoon and I MUST spend time in the morning working on syllabi... or August will come and I'll be handing out photocopies of my scrawled notes in the first week of class... and that would be bad.

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T-Mac said...

Glad things weren't too creepy, I think you've got the right attitude about all of it. Hang in there!