Saturday, May 23, 2009

The advantages of consistent writing...

I'm at the end of the first of several "dissertation" weeks. I've been to the office once. I 've answered a couple of student e-mails and had a couple of discussions with the dean -- but, that's all. For me -- that's a week off.

One thing I hadn't realized was how much of every writing session during the semester is taken up by getting organized and reviewing what I'd previously written. Between finding the correct file, finding the books, reading my own notes and comments -- just getting to what Hubby so affectionately would call the 'making stuff up' phase took almost an hour.

In some ways this week makes me even more angry about missing last year's dissertation opportunity. I'm sure that if I hadn't had the summer-o-breast-cancer, I'd be Dr. ITPF now... dang it. Losing my left breast and my hair was an inconvenience -- losing that summer writing is what sucked the most.

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