Saturday, May 02, 2009

Blogging for accountability..

It's 3:30.

I'm on pg 7 of 18 in chapter 1 -- I'm putting Dr. Advisor's comments into the file.

I need to make progress on this -- so, I'm going to stay in my office chair and not on the internet until 5:00.

Here goes...

Later --- It worked. I got the first two chapters worth of comments done by 5:00 -- took a break and then did the third chapter.

I also found out that it doesn't suck as much as I thought it might -- although there is a lot of work to do. The nice thing is that putting the comments in at this point helps me to really understand what he's thinking - -and now, when I go rearrange the files, his comments will be there.

So -- tonight I'm off to get some sushi at the good grocery store -- and then a night of something other than trying to read Dr. Advisor's handwriting. I think I have the hang of it -- but, there are a few words I simply can't read... I wonder if I could persuade him to type comments himself on future versions? He gives really good comments... I'd like to be able to read them :).


Trannyhead said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sending encouraging words my way ... but I just found out. I PASSED THE BAR.

Whole new blog post up. So much insanity.

JaneB said...

I have rather... creative... handwriting myself, especially when in a hurry... I ask my PhD students to give me paper and e-copies of chapter drafts, then I type comments into the e-version if I'm by the computer when I'm reading or write comments onto the paper one if I'm using time on a train or somewhere else where I don't have my PC to hand. Maybe Dr Advisor would be open to the suggestion?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Since I'm usually turning things in long-distance, I tend to both e-mail files and mail paper copies. I've found that the responses are more reliable when I do that :).