Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dissertation, day 2

Yesterday went pretty well -- I'm well into the revisions of chapter 1. I should have a first draft of the new arrangement today or tomorrow.

It's just before 7 AM --- the house is pretty quiet, although if the Minion would settle down for a nap, it would be better :). The plan is to work until 11:00 -- take a longish lunch break, which may include a trip to the grocery store, and then either do some more writing or work on summer syllabi in the the afternoon. This is about what I did yesterday and it worked out well.

Tonight is dinner with the brother-in-law... which should be fun.


Anonymous said...

I believe I envy your freedom to - at least part of the time - set your own schedule and direct the flow of your work.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

This freedom really is the good part of my job (and life -- to be honest). Because I really to teach at a "teaching" college -- there is no expectation that I publish or finish my dissertation. I also won't get a raise for having a Ph.D.... I'm already in the highest column of the pay chart. Also, not having kids has a whole set of disadvantages -- but, the one advantage is that I really can decide what to do with myself....