Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today's another day of glory or pain...

... depending on if you've been doing your work.

My logic classes will get their grade reports today. Things haven't gone well for a decent number of them -- because they haven't bothered to do the work. I really can tell when they're blowing my warnings off -- because they don't ask questions in class. You only really have questions if you've actually TRIED to do the work.

I'm happy to see that the students who have been busting their backsides this semester are getting good grades. My ESL student who worried about a language barrier seems to have conquered it -- with 100.5% -- the vital extra points earned by kicking butt on the last exam. A student I who didn't know was pregnant had her baby, and then lost him a little over two weeks ago -- she's earning her A--- by doing very well on the exam. The ditzy-looking party-girl in her Uggs and trendy workout clothes earned 7 points extra-credit on the last exam by doing some really hard problems.

The "Ice Fishing Boys" -- not so much so. They're the ones who couldn't answer a simple question about the content of the homework... grrr. They mostly came to class, but they were the perfect example of a set of students who didn't learn because they couldn't be bothered even trying to do the homework.

It's been an interesting semester in Logic -- and, while there are a few things I'll change for summer session, I like the new book and the methods we've been using.

For Bioethics, tonight is 'last day to turn in your misc. stuff day' and individual conferences. Interestingly enough, the ones with the low grades on drafts aren't signed up for conferences. I suppose they think the low grade is because they didn't fully articulate their brilliant argument, not because the argument itself is crap.

The Ethics night of conferences was really fun -- and I think the students who bothered to come will have much stronger papers.

The good thing about their apathy is that I'll probably be done early tonight -- my 7:00 conference canceled... I suspect she knows she's so right in her opposition to abortion that someone like me couldn't really help her improve her paper.... Or, she's decided to decide to ignore whatever I say because I'm a godless-Feminist-bitch... I suppose I'll have to wait until she turns her paper in next week to find out.

And -- a week from tomorrow, Hubby will be home for good!!!! Or, at least until he geeks-out at a 3 week institute in July...

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Seeking Solace said...

I had a student whose brother was killed 3/4 of the way into the semester. She was able to complete her research project, on time, and take the final. She earned an A.

It just goes to show that when push comes to show, some students rise to the occasion.