Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice Spoiler....

If you care about Trump's latest show -- don't read any further....

Ok.... don't say I didn't warn you.

I've had it with Trump. Yea, I said that when he fired Caroline -- but, he hooked me with the latest Celebrity Apprentice, by putting Scott Hamilton on the show. BUT, as of tonight I've had it with him. He just gave the title to Joan Rivers.

Yea -- that Joan Rivers, the one who has been insulting Annie Duke for weeks. Calling her "worse than Hitler", saying crap like "your friends don't have last names" -- and directly saying that her poker friends were in the mob.

Really, Joan Rivers is a tacky boomer who is nothing but a caricature of herself... the female impersonators trying to look like her are much more attractive and charming than she could ever be.

On the last show, Joan was so insulting to the party planning people that the firm quit, wanting nothing to do with the Celebrity Apprentice. When they quit, they also refused to do Annie's event. Joan was so effective at shouting down Annie that Trump never got to hear Annie's side of the story. In fact, he seemed to think that they quit because of Annie -- or something. Really, had he watched his own tapes, he'd have seen when it happened.

Annie was a professional all the way -- She raised significantly more money, she kept things organized and had a whole bunch of people willing to help her. Joan had to badger her charity into coming in to help with the event... along with her friends who are party planners.

I actually think that Joan wanted the party planners to quit so that she could bring in her friends to help with the event. Absent that, she wouldn't have been allowed to bring in that level of outside help.

So Trump -- this time you're really fired -- at least from my TV.

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