Wednesday, May 06, 2009

RBO thoughts I had between campus and home...

... it isn't far, but I must be in a mood today.

  • McDonalds' McCafe coffee isn't bad. It is pretty inexpensive... so, I suppose it'll do.
  • Class starts at 8:55. That doesn't mean that you should pull into the parking lot at 8:55. You're now late to class -- and your professor will notice.
  • Being late also doesn't mean that you have some kind of special permission to drive like a maniac -- then get out of your car and saunter into the building like you're on a date.
  • Standing right in front of the front door of the building will cause people to come in behind you. Don't give them dirty looks for doing so. Get out of the way so they don't bump you.
  • You really aren't as cool as you think. You aren't as sexy as you think and you probably aren't as bright as you think. Standing around with your mouth open makes you look like an idiot -- please get out of my way so I can get to my office.
  • People say really stupid stuff in the hall -- not realizing classes are in session and can hear you. Don't be one of those dumb-asses classes laugh at. Shut up!

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