Monday, May 18, 2009

IT -- you've got to wonder...

Last week there was drama with the on-line grade entry system.

First they wouldn't believe folks who called reporting problems.

Then they sent out a message saying it would be slow -- after which I immediately entered my final set of grades with no problem.

Now the e-mail is down -- just when students will be e-mailing with questions about grades.

Way to go, guys...

Edited to add -- AND, grades I'm sure I properly entered didn't "take" in the system... over a week ago. I had no idea that there was a problem until a student sent me an e-mail asking -- and telling me the grades weren't in the system. I had to go to campus, re-enter the grades etc.. Funny how all the other grades I entered were done properly... I really don't think I made the mistake. I sent an e-mail about it and there was no evidence that they'd looked into the problem, just a pat on the head "all of your grades are in ok, thanks for meeting deadlines" -- So, today --when they run the report and see a bunch of folks who haven't entered grades yet-- they ought not be to surprised. I wonder how many other folks entered grades when I did?? I suppose it isn't my problem.

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