Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maybe the Minoin is a robot cat?

So, instead of doing dissertation work I'm watching the "Eureka" marathon on Sci-Fi...

One episode has the residents of Eureka constructing robot dogs. The goal is to make the dogs very realistic looking... but, the problem is that the dogs are spontaneously exploding.

That made me take a hard look at the Minion. I suspect he's a robot programmed by a former student who didn't like me much.

I'll let you know if he explodes.

I also think there are really TWO small black cats in my apartment. They take turns being out from under the bed. Right now the nice, sweet, sleepy, purring one is taking his turn out -- pretty soon he'll go tag the psycho, knock stuff off to watch it fall, scratch me, get in the bathroom trash looking for used Q-tips, cat.

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