Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sending things back...

... to central duplicating.

I sent over a request for 70 logic exams total.

The deadline was noon on Monday. The first exam was Monday at 2:15, the second on Tuesday at at 7:45.

All 70 arrived on Tuesday sometime after noon, by which point I'd already made the copies myself and had given both exams.

I decided to send them back -- with a note telling them that they'd missed the deadline and that I didn't want our department account charged for these copies, as I'd already made them.

Grrr... I sent the request on Wednesday last week, so they had 2 full working days to get it done -- plus the time on Monday morning. 48 hour turn-around, my ass.

I wonder how it will be received -- I suspect my sweet dean will get a phone call.... hmmm. I should drop her an e-mail note.

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