Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has sprung...

I'm in Red State... the ice is melting off the body of water Hubby calls a lake and that I consider a pond. Having grown up on a real lake, I really love the water just as the ice is melting. The clear, cold water and the last gray, soft ice means spring to me.

In honor of Spring, I've started wearing my Birkenstock sandals... at least in casual situations. My blue polished toes are out for all the world to see :).

So far there aren't any leaves on the trees or flowers blooming, but the robins (with their big, fat red breasts) are hanging out and looking for worms.

When I came out of the gym today, still damp from the pool, I wasn't freezing like usual.

Next time I'm down may be the last time for the year --- Hubby and I will have to shoot hoops in the driveway and rake a bit...

yep -- spring is here and summer isn't far behind.

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