Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ask nicely, or I won't respond...

So -- it is now really funny to me to watch the little brats on the forum try to stir stuff up. When nobody seems to be agreeing with them, they post elsewhere and try to get something going...

When they ask demeaning questions in snotty ways, I've decided that I just won't answer them. If they actually want to know the answers to the questions, they can ask nicely or forget getting an answer from me.

I'm not about to dignify their tactics with a response.

Frankly, I do hope their asshat-ness comes back to bite them in the butt. I'd love to be on a hiring committee or some kind of interview committee and watch them get nauseated when they realize that I'll have something to say about their future -- 'cuz it wouldn't be good. I don't forget... and, all the nasty people are male -- so the chances of their changing their names is pretty small... and my memory is really, really long.

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