Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Kitty and the avocado

First of all, New Kitty is on my 'list'.

Sure, she's generally sweet as well as being nice to Blind Kitty..

but, I'm jealous that she comes when Cat Sitter calls her --- but not when I do. I suppose the fact that Cat Sitter gave her catnip bubbles may help -- but, I'm sure she likes Cat Sitter better because their real names rhyme... and "mom cat" and "dad cat" don't rhyme...

Also, I want to know what she has against my avocado...

My avocado was minding its own business sitting on the island in the kitchen (yep, my apartment kitchen has an island -- it is why we rented the place...) -- when New Kitty decided it was a toy and started to bat it around... and then she knocked it off the island and into the trash.

It's a good thing I was home when she did it -- as I would have been really mystified as to where it went otherwise -- hubby isn't home, and even if he were, he doesn't eat them.....

Still, I want to know what she has against an innocent avocado.

---- yea, I know it is content free... but, I'm tired of ranting about debaters and Generation ME... and I spent way too much time on campus today, so my brain is tired.

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