Monday, March 03, 2008

note to self...

Dear Self,

If someone who usually is very good about e-mail responses stops responding for a few weeks--- don't assume the worst...

Especially don't assume any of the following:
  • the person is dead and nobody thought to tell you.
  • the person hates you and never wants to hear from you again.
  • the person thinks you are an idiot and no response is possible.
  • that you are just being a neurotic grad student who needs to get a life.
  • that you are being jerked around like your blog-pal...
  • that you'd been kicked out of the 'club' and the person was waiting for you to get a formal letter telling you you'd been kicked out.
Instead, after a week or so without a response, use your g-mail account. It isn't beyond what is reasonable to think your BNCC account is screwed up, and you aren't getting the responses you've come to expect.

Really, self, you will save yourself much trauma this way.



Bardiac said...

And check the junk mail files! (I hate when mail from friends ends up there!)

julie said...

Oh, yeah, I completely agree. And as you rightly note: our CC email system is *often* glitchy! Think it'll get better with the "conversion"?