Monday, March 10, 2008

Sometimes I wonder....

...what the deal is with my apartment management.

They reassigned our front door codes -- but didn't tell us about it. So, when the pizza guy came last weekend, he couldn't get in and hubby had to meet him downstairs. Today my back-up cat sitter came to meet the cats and it didn't work again... and I finally called them about it. They acted as if it was nothing unusual --- umm... there is a whole building with new door codes, you'd think keeping it a secret is a good idea?

The call also got us something we want...

When we moved in, they tried to put us in a parking slot that had been assigned -- so we took one quite a ways down and have been schlepping our stuff ever since. They promised we'd only be there for a little while, but then they forgot.... I don't really blame them.

Recently I noticed a much better slot seemed to be vacant -- so I asked if we could move -- and they gave me the ok... in fact, they told me to move into one that is much closer than the one I'd noticed was vacant. I do wonder how long our new spot has been vacant and who is going to try to move in there later---but, I'm there now and I'm not moving back... the new people can schlep..

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