Thursday, March 13, 2008

bounce into Red State....

... and bounce right back out to the Pacific Northwest to do NPKQRSTLM nationals....

I arrived about 8:30 (lots of stops to wiggle, I was sleepy... and then I drove fast..).

Our flight out leaves at 6:45 AM.

We'll be back on Monday night, late.... and then I can start my first spring break without debaters --- really, I think I've been in some kind of debate prep on Spring Break for the last 10 years, which makes the school year really freaking long.

So, how will I spend my break ---

  • Grading late stuff --- because I said I'd do it when it was convenient for me.
  • Looking at new textbooks --- because I'm really not happy with my logic book -- and because I'm always looking for better ethics books.
  • Reading dissertation stuff -- trying to decide if it fits or not....
  • Reading for fun.
  • Sleeping and watching NCIS.
  • Crocheting.... I brought all my extra yarn, I wonder how much I'll use.
  • Going to the gym --- our BN state gym has a location here. It is really nice and not too far away. It is kind of weird, though, because it looks EXACTLY like the gym I go to in the summer with the outdoor pool. The locations both opened last June and were built from the same basic design.

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Seeking Solace said...

Have a wonderful, and relaxing Spring Break.