Friday, March 07, 2008

Feeling a bit odd...

....because I'm caught up at work.

I have some grading I could do -- BUT, I'm not going to do it because they are late or make-up exams and I want to make a point. I warned them about this in my syllabus and I'm sticking to it... I'm going to grade that stuff over Spring Break, so it all sits in a folder until then and I'm not looking at it. The students who took the exams and turned the papers in together got them back very quickly -- usually the next class meeting, or as with the 25 or so essay exam, two class meetings later -- but when they take the quiz or exam on their own time, I'll grade it when it is convenient.

My class prep is done for next week and my logic quizzes are written for the next section, which will take me until after break.

My Department Chair duties are light right now -- a new schedule will be out over break -- so, I have little to do until then.

I suppose this seems odd because over the last 10 years I've been coaching debaters for nationals in March. That means extra practices, research assignments and general work in terms of making arrangements etc... it also means all the complexity of coordinating and executing group travel plans. I don't have any of that to do.....

and it feels kind of odd --

Now that my Feminist Epistemology paper has passed and my Ancient Philosophy paper has passed -- I don't have to be concerned about revising them....

I have some dissertation stuff brewing in my head -- and I suspect it will come out on paper sooner or later -- but, in general, it is kind of a weird feeling not to have a gazillion things to do RIGHT NOW!

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timna said...

wow. I'm not even ready for the meeting I have at 10 (45 minutes from now), much less grading caught up. 2 stacks to do over the weekend, but not much over break. yea!

new course preps, now those are taking up brain space.

congrats on all of the acceptances! you are moving right along.