Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snowed in...

We are snowed in, but not together...

and, actually I'm not really snowed in -- if I had to go out in my little Toyota sedan, I could get out -- it is just really icky out there.

Hubby's school cancelled classes, as did my grad school (I'm still on their Univeristy-wide e-mail list).

Of course, the zippy Romanian woman who cleans my house made it on time... from across town. So, I suppose that if she could make it here, I could get out if I wanted to.

I went to the super grocery store last night on the way home -- I now have enough snacks and other food to last a few blizzards.

I see no other reason to go out - so, I'm going to take advantage of my wonderful acadmic schedule and spend the whole day working from home... just me, the cats and the cleaning person.

Maybe this afternoon I'll reward all of my hard work with a nap.

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