Thursday, March 15, 2007

4-day cat feeder and and new TV show...

Odly, I blame UPS for getting me hooked on Jericho...

It is on "On Demand".

I was waiting for UPS to deliver my new automatic cat feeder, so old kitty can have food while I'm gone... It finally came -- YEA!

I couldn't leave the house because I need to have it by tomorrow morning, and I didn't want to clean or do something productive, plus I had laundry to fold.

So, I looked at Comcast On Demand, picked a show and watched the oldest one.. and I was hooked.

It is a show about a small town in Kansas after a nuclear attack on major US cities. It is pretty interesting so far.

Interesting enough to make me watch four episodes and download the rest from itunes.

I loooove finding a new TV show.

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