Thursday, March 01, 2007

and... I get a snow day -- kind of..

Well, if I taught on Thursdays this semester, I'd be doing the happy snow dance today.

Tomorrow the college is closed -- AND they cancelled the conference we were all supposed to go to.

I'm happy about this -- since I didn't want to go anyway AND I don't normally teach on Fridays, so I don't have a class day off to compensate for doing this stupid conference... in essence, it is on MY time -- which irritates me.

SO, now I don't have to make a decision tomorrow... the decision would have been between the following

a) go late, pick up my nametag and eat lunch
b) skip-- hope they don't notice or say anything and then blame the snow
c) request 'reassignment' time, to work in my office -- which is what I would have done anyway --
d) suddenly get "sick" -- e-mail my Dean and take a sick day, which I rarely do...

Now, I'll do a modified happy snow dance because I don't have to lie -- and I can do whatever I want to do anyway, sans guilt.

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timna said...

enjoy! I'm just hoping the weekend swim meet is cancelled (or at least the Fri part) so that tomorrow really is without any plans! It's 2 hours from here and sounds like an unpleasant journey at this point.