Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow update

yep, it is still snowing.

It is a f-ing winter-wonderland out there.

The parking lot of the assisted living facility across the street has been cleared once, but needs it again.

I think our garage exit is drifted over... I could take it in the Jeep (which conquers all, but does require open highways to make the trek home) -- but, I don't think the little Toyota would make it.

I may actually BE snowed in... wow.

In the 'send your wishes into the internet and they'll come true' category:

I wish the major highways between here and Red State would open so hubby can come home for 'spring break'. There are really only 2 that have to open --- please, please internet... make it so and get him home.

1 comment:

timna said...

Is it open this morning?