Tuesday, March 20, 2007

by the way...

Hubby and I have a deal. He limits his poker losses to his 'fun' money. When he wins a bit, he buys me stuff to buy off my Scandinavian dislike for any kind of risk with money...

Last week hubby won enough playing poker to get me a new, 80 gig, video ipod.

It is coooool. It is a black and I found a snazzy, red Liz Claiborn case for it... It has a bunch of video on it and isn't even 30% full.

I can now watch/listen to TV on airplanes and while I'm driving in Iowa.

I'm already watching Jehrico on it and I have the first episodes of a couple of other things... any suggestions?

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Chaser said...

Oh, congratulations to Hubby and you! Pressies are awesome.