Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saying I'm done...

I'm feeling even more done with the debate scene -- because I'm telling people face to face that I'm done coaching.

I've made some good pals, people I like to keep in contact with and whose lives interest me -- but, they are kind of temporary, I only see them at tournaments -- and when I'm gone, they'll chat with other people.

I waited to tell most people until they decided what would happen to the program after I'm done. It is good to know that the person who will be taking over for me has a good reputation among the people I know and trust. It is easier to go, knowing that what I've built up won't go away.... of course, he's planning to change debate genres -- and I wish him luck in that --

On the other hand, he's said that he doesn't want to coach permanently, so -- if you have policy experience and want my coaching job in the next couple of years -- keep your eyes open for an announcment. I'd love to have someone who knows both kinds of debate, so that if/when it becomes clear that doing policy with BNCC students is just too hard -- they can changee :).

As for the tournament itself, it is going pretty well -- we are nearly on-time and things are humming along like usual. Every year we have a new challenge, and this year is no exception. But -- the judges and debaters seem to be having a good time and there seem to be good debates happening all over... so, it is a success so far.

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