Friday, March 02, 2007

Snowed in update...

I wrote a logic quiz and a debate quiz... lots of e-mails etc...

I spiffed up the bedroom and the bed in the DC, as well as the kitchen. I made some coffee and drank some coffee and ate some hummus for lunch.

I haven't seen another person face-to-face for 24 hours -- since the cleaning woman left and I had a chat with the apartment caretaker about not putting flyers under the door for blind kitty to eat...

I've watched a little TV, but not a lot. I've mostly been listening to Chick-Talk radio -- which is good company.

Outside the apartment:
There is plowing action in my little world --

The assisted living facility across the street is good to their residents, they brush off their cars and move them to the street before the plow comes. It would be really sad if the little old ladies had to do that themselves. Our apartment people seem to have cleared stuff off less recently, but it is passible to the street.

The road has been plowed at least a couple of times and I can see the pavement!

It is still snowing.... and it is blowing quite a bit as well. It is hard to guess, but I'm thinking at least a foot of snow if not 18 inches or so, so far.

In Red State:
Hubby is getting cabin fever. He's rattling around in the homeowners big, kind of cold house and he really wants to be here with me and the cats.

He's also frustrated with Iowa's DOT/ website, which hasn't been updated in the last three hours as to road conditions.

Hubby's plan is to go out and see how far he can get. He's going to load up the Jeep with food, water, warm blankets etc... and take off into the wild white younder.

I'll let you know how far he makes it...

Plans for the day...
First - a nap. The cats have persuaded me that napping is the best thing to do on a snowy day.
Next -- if hubby makes progress, I'll start something in the crock pot.

This afternoon I'll probably write a logic exam, grade some papers and do other things to set-up my classes until Spring Break.

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