Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't you think...

that, if your logic teacher told you that there would be some translations duplicated from the quiz to the exam.

And, if that same logic teacher turned some of the translations from quiz questions to extra-credit questions, saying that they were a bit too difficult for the quiz, but not too difficult for the exam.

And, if -- during the review, your logic teacher told you to look at your old quizzes for the translaitons, and to be sure you know them...

Don't you think you'd take the time to figure out questions that are 6% of an exam you are worried about.

or -- if you answered "no, I wouldn't believe my instructor when she tells you that they'd be on the exam." -- I'd say, "stop reading my blog and go do your homework...your exams aren't coming out very well so far and you'll need to learn to do proofs to get your C".

really folks -- sadly, I'm not at all surprised, I'm just kind of sad that they aren't getting those three questions correct.

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timna said...

seems like you can't even give some people the clues. I'm grading midterms now myself.